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JLine Financial offers information, education, advice, and planning strategies
to ensure our clients have the tools they need for a successful retirement.

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

401K Administration

Life Insurance and Life Insurance “Trade-In’s”

Medicare Supplements/Medicare Advantage

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Long Term Care

Obama Care Subsidies

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SEP Review and Implementation

Retirement Planning

“Think reduce (or eliminate) retirement account expenses and reduce taxes…”

Here at Jline Financial we are a leading educator and service provider of safe retirement strategies with either a focus on accumulation or income depending on where a person is in their life.

We are experts at formulating plans that make certain you never outlive your inflation protected retirement income.* This gives people the confidence to start to enjoy their money knowing that if they stick to the plan, their money will last as long as they do and have something to leave behind for their family.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be divided into two main categories:

1) Passing achievements smoothly to someone else after death.

2) Preserving your estate during high expense periods like for in-home health care or nursing home care.

Clients say they only wish their parents would have known about these protection strategies earlier. Many of them watched their parent’s money evaporate due to liquidation requirements for in-home health care needs or nursing home expenses. Medicare pays only a small short term benefit for this and Medicaid requires nearly complete liquidation of the estate before it will pay for services.

This has left surviving partners with almost nothing to continue their lifestyles with and some have even lost their homes. We can assist in the education of certain traditional products for long term care where a monthly premium is required but we also can provide education on emerging or non traditional forms of estate protection that do not require monthly premiums paid.

In this education process patrons find there are several ways we can accomplish estate protection without expensive monthly premiums but the time to act is now before some of the solutions become harder to achieve.

Life Insurance and Life Insurance "Trade-In's"

Do you have an old term, whole life or universal life policy? Even though you may be much older now, cheaper internal costs are highly likely with our special carriers. These cheaper costs can make the cash value accumulate much faster and you may pick up some valuable new features that can protect your estate with no extra cost. Did you know you can upgrade without losing the cash value?

When most people think of life insurance they think they have to die to win…not anymore! Newer policies including term and permanent types have death benefit features that allow you to use the all or part of the death benefit as early as the first 30 days in the event of a critical or chronic illness like for in home care and income replacement if you are still working and pay nothing extra for this feature.

In every other industry people think of upgrading to the latest and greatest whether its clothes, hairstyles, cell phones, computers, cars and more. Find out what you have been missing. It all starts with education. We always say “documentation beats conversation”. Lets help you document this today!

401K Administration

Our 401k plans are built to fit your business, whether you’re self-employed with a few employees or have a large and growing company. If you’re just looking to maximize savings or have specialized needs, we’ve got you covered.

  • Big benefits
    Receive state-of-the-art 401(k) plans fully supported by our experts and advisors to get the most out of your plan. Do you already have a 401K plan in place? Have you done your required review by the Department of Labor?  According to new rules, you must have a review every four to five years against the “market” and what others are paying in their 401K’s.  Let us help you satisfy that requirement and take you out of the government’s crosshairs.  Penalties are devastating should you be selected and cannot provide proof of a third party review.  This is easy to remedy.  Contact us now.
  • Many Investment choices
    So many offerings to choose from.  You might have thought a 401K wasn’t right for you but using our approach this could the best fit.
  • Little paperwork
    From quote to installation we keep it simple–So simple you could review with one of our specialist and set-up over lunch.

Other Financial Services

We have professional advisors with decades of experience helping seniors and younger folks with financial and retirement preparation.  Let the JLine Financial team help you on other services as well. Ask us about:

  • Medicare Supplements/Medicare Advantage
  • Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Obama Care Subsidies
  • College Planning
  • SEP Review and Implementation

*Any comments regarding safe or secure investments or guarantees of income refer only to fixed insurance products and do not refer in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Principal guarantees, lifetime income guarantees, and guaranteed death benefits discussed are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.