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From Huffington Post

How to Prevent Child Identity Theft By Freezing Your Child’s Credit

Identity theft is a constant threat these days. With the number of major data breaches that have occurred in the past few years, such as the unprecedented Equifax breach in 2017, you’ve probably experienced some form of financial fraud by now. You might keep a close eye on your own finances for just that reason, but there’s someone else who is especially susceptible to becoming an identity theft victim: your kid.

“When you commit fraud on an adult, that adult is busy building their life ― buying a house, getting a car. Credit checks are more likely to occur and they’re more likely to discover the fraud,” said Jerry Linebaugh, founder of JLine Financial in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “But in the case of a 2-year-old, they’re not going to check their credit for at least a dozen years. That’s a long time that [criminals] can go out there and not only use that fraudulent account, but sell the identity.”

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