Our seminars, website, and pod casts are educational presentations.

Jerry Linebaugh has dedicated himself and all the resources at JLine Financial to addressing the unique needs of seniors and retirees. One of the most common things Jerry hears from patrons is that there is uniformity to what they learn here as compared to unconnected information and plans piece-milled from their other outside advisors. Some patrons describe it like having one doctor group all under one roof where everyone is on the “same page”  as far as their health is concerned and likewise the team approach here benefits their overall financial health in a similar way.  Here they can find a securities person (through our strategic partners ) that sees exactly what Jerry is advocating or an accountant who sees the value in some of the concepts outlined here or an estate attorney that resonates with the teachings about matters of estate protection and planning and how all of the concepts taught at JLine Financial merge together to form a complete and balanced plan.

We want to make it clear that Jerry Linebaugh–while having extensive experience in the health, social and financial issues facing seniors–is not an accountant, attorney, or investment advisor. The information discussed on our website, in seminars, and on our pod casts and social media broadcasts is basic and general in nature and is intended for educational purposes only. No specific product or companies are being solicited.

The presentation concerns the main issues regarding retirement planning and how to avoid or eliminate numerous financial problems which concern many retirees. It is recommended that you consult the advice of certified professionals regarding your specific situation.

Please understand that laws and regulations are subject to local variations and may have different interpretations. Therefore, should legal advice be required, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified attorney in your state of residence. No specific investment advice is ever intended. Financial products can vary, therefore, always examine the detail of the product structure, provisions and features.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that only registered representatives licensed with a broker dealer license can sell specific securities and provide investment advice. Any discussions regarding interest rates and rates of return are purely hypothetical and not intended to represent assurances or guarantees. Jerry Linebaugh does not give tax advice. The presenters, speakers and/or sponsors of this information (invitation), as well as the information presented at the seminar, is not related to, endorsed by, nor connected with and not approved by any Government Agency or organization.

Although the seminar is providing information of value for consumers, the seminar is designed to educate and solicit consumers about annuities (an insurance product). Some of the insurance companies the agent may represent are Athene Life and Annuity, American General Life Insurance, Nationwide, Equitrust, Allianz Life and Annuity Company, National Life Group, and others.